The Brand

Designed by Israeli models, Noa Beny and Neta Elchamister, BANANHOT Bikinis is a fashion swimwear line that promotes a confident, natural, sun-kissed lifestyle.

Blessed by Israel’s nearly year-round sunny skies, Noa & Neta spent their childhoods on the beaches of Tel Aviv and Eilat, wearing bikinis like a second skin. At 20 years old, they began creating swimwear that fit their youthful style and aesthetic sensibility.

After four months of selling one-offs via email, Noa & Neta decided to launch their own swimwear company in 2014 to accommodate the growing demand. BANANHOT Bikinis soon developed a cult following of girls and women from all over the world who are dedicated to wearing cheeky, fashion-forward cuts.

No matter how crowded the beach, pool, or music festival maybe, wearing a BANANHOT Bikinis will capture the attention of all those around. Our distinctive signature prints and cheeky cuts are designed in-house using dreamy color palettes and a fashion-forward sense of style. They are like rare gems and when you wear them you know that all eyes are on you.

Enjoy summer with BANANHOT and feel special!


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